Meet Our Team

Neerja, Owner

Neerja is a property manager with over 15 years of experience with vacation rentals on Galveston Island.  She started the business by managing her own vacation home on Galveston's West End in 2008.  Then Hurricane Ike hit the island.  As homeowners were barred from entering the island, Neerja as the owner of a business was able to cross the Causeway to enter the Island and step in to help those who could not get to the island to check on their homes.  The experience paved the way for Coastal Waves Vacations to open an office on the island in the same location as RE/MAX Leading Edge just past the Seawall.   

Coastal Waves Vacations now has an office centrally located at 6615 Stewart Rd, Ste 110.  This office not only offers vacation rental services but also home watch services.

For Neerja, Coastal Waves Vacations is not just another property management company, and your home is not just another property ID.  She looks to partner with great homeowners, who care about their properties and the experience guests have at the property.  As an avid traveler, Neerja has been opting for vacation rentals over hotels since the late 1980s.  She understands what it’s like to be a guest traveling to stay at a rental home and be on the property owner’s side of the business, as well as being a property manager.  Her goal is to take care of Coastal Waves Vacations' rental homes with the same care and involvement as if they were her own home.



Ian Poston, Property Manager

As a Property Manager here at Coastal Waves Vacations, Ian has an extensive background with Galveston and understands what it means to have a proper vacation along the way. Ian loves to surf, fish, and all things real estate. With Ian overseeing your stay on the island you can guarantee a smooth trip where you can enjoy more and worry less. Ian always looks forward to taking care of new guests and is always one phone call away during your stay.



Edgar, Maintenance  



Inspector:  Ian



Ernesto:  Housekeeping

Abraham:  Housekeeping

Maribel:  Housekeeping