What is Book Direct Day

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What is Book Direct Day

Book Direct Day is a yearly celebration of the power of booking directly with a vacation rental property. The purpose of the day is to encourage travelers to book through the property owner or management company's website instead of relying on third-party booking sites such as Airbnb, VRBO, Expedia, and Booking.com also known as OTAs, Online Travel Agencies.

What Does It Mean to Book Direct?

Booking with a property management company has numerous advantages. By bypassing the middleman, travelers can ensure they are getting the best possible deal, personalized service, and the most up-to-date information about the property.

Benefits of Booking Direct

One of the biggest advantages is the ability to receive the best available rate. When booking through a third-party website, the rates offered can be higher than what is available through the property owner or management company's website. By booking directly, guests can take advantage of any special promotions, discounts, or special requests that are usually not be available through third-party sites.

Many guests also don’t realize that, by using these third-party sites, they are paying additional booking fees—sometimes hundreds of dollars in fees, but these can be completely avoidable by booking direct. These additional fees can be up to 15% higher than the rate you get when booking direct. Imagine getting to use that extra money to go to the spa, take your family out for a nice dinner, or rent beach chairs and umbrellas!

Booking directly with a vacation rental company also means you will have direct access to the property management staff.  Direct booking also makes it easier to communicate any needs you may have. Truthfully, third-party online travel agencies (OTAs) have never seen the property you are booking, and oftentimes, they haven’t even been to the area where the vacation rental is located.

When booking through a third-party website, communication with the management company is often limited to a generic email address or phone number. By booking directly, guests can establish a direct line of communication with the property, making it easier to ask questions, make changes to their reservation, or receive assistance during their stay.

Booking directly ensures that guests receive the most accurate and current information about the property, including details about the property, amenities, and services offered. When you book direct, you have access to local staff giving you information on the best places to eat or the most family-friendly activities in the area.